Fjällräven Classic 2016 - 1 week to go

It has been 280 days since me and my friends bought tickets to Fjällräven Classic. After a long wait and a summer filled with training and learning, the event is just a week away from starting. Ive been really exited for a few months now and can´t wait to get there!

Fjällräven Classic (FC) is an outdoor event that brings people of same interest together and gets people moving. Basically its a 110km hike along Kungsleden "King´s trail" a classic trekking route in northern Sweden. The route passes Kebnekaise (highest peak in Sweden) and goes through Abisko National Park, starting from the village of Nikkaluokta and ending in the town of Abisko. The event will bring together over 2000 people from 30 different countries.

We are taking part in FC in a 10 person group and a dog. Our starting date is on the 7th of August at 1300 hours, the last start group to depart on the trail. All of us live in southern Finland near Helsinki. Our plan is to drive from Helsinki to Abisko overnight, take a train to Kiruna and a bus to Nikkaluokta, the starting point of the hike. We've booked a cabin in Nikkaluokta for the night before the trek.

I like traveling, I like exploring new places and I like meeting new people. I've visited different countries around Europe and South-East Asia but haven't really ever thought about traveling in Finland. Visiting the nature parks in southern Finland (eg. Evo, Repovesi and Nuuksio) has really opened my eyes to the possibilities that this country provides for city- and nature-traveling. I can´t even imagine that I am 27-years-old and haven't even been to the Finnish Lapland since I was a kid. In the future I really need to spend more time getting to know places that are just a few hours away from home.

And guess what, hiking really goes well with photography. I just need to learn how to relax more and take my time planning on composition and taking the shots. Thats one of my biggest challenges for FC. We have a schedule of 4 nights on the trail. Should be more than enough time to pause once in a while and take a photo, rather than just plowing on through as I have before on treks. Well if it is raining as the forecast suggest at the moment, then it might be better to just trek to the next stop. I will bring my dive-proof GoPro with me too.

Time will tell.

Thanks for reading, I plan on posting a few more articles before and a whole ton of pictures after.

See you on the trail,