Fjällräven Classic 2016 - Arriving in Abisko/Nikkaluokta

It´s over. The trek is behind and it has taken me way too long to start typing this post. All in all, everything is good. Our trip had some "variables" on the way, but everyone made it to the finish according to our planned schedule.

Fjällräven Classic was an experience like no other. It was everything I hoped for and much more, in good and in bad. When people ask what was it like, its hard to find the right words. It was exciting, fun, beautiful views but at the same time it felt like more than 50% of my concentration went into just surviving the weather and moving one foot in front of the other.

We packed our bags, loaded our camper-van and started driving north from Helsinki. The first few hours were full on anticipation. Everyone seemed a bit nervous of the journey ahead. It didn't really ease the tension when it started to pour down rain. A preview of what was to come. After we crossed over the border in Haaparanta, we saw some reindeer on the road but luckily avoided collisions. At that point the driver and co-driver were pretty much the only ones awake in our van and the latter part of the trip was quiet.

Sohvi, the american bulldog travelling with us, managed to relax in the van, but jumped up everytime we hit a pothole. Poor thing had no idea what we were going to get her into.

1189 kilometers later we began to arrive in Abisko. The views were amazing, nothing I remember seeing before.  The lake - Torneträsk - next to Abisko seemed to wake up, as the sun started to shine trough the clouds. We left our cars in Abisko and made our way to Nikkaluokta.

The Nikkaluokta Sarri AB cabins were just fine. Good space, tap water, clean and nice beds. Some minor problems, but nothing that would dampen our spirits. Sending off startgroup no. 6, some food, preparations, last minute shopping and we were ready for bed.

Tomorrow we would start our trek.

- Joni